Peter graduated from the Loyalist College Program with honors in 2009. In 2010, he passed the Paralegal Exam and obtained his Paralegal Licence from the Law Society of Upper Canada.


          Peter worked as a Court Clerk/Registrar for the Ministry of the Attorney General gaining insight and a more practical understanding of legal processes and protocols. He performed volunteer work for the Community Advocacy and Legal Centre in Belleville, Ontario, assisting lawyers assigned acting as Tenant Duty Counsel at Landlord and Tenant Board Hearings. This included performing Intake Interviews for the staff lawyers, taking notes on proceedings and helping reassure clients.


          While at Loyalist College, he did a placement assignment at the Landlord and Tenant Board in Toronto. It was here, he was able to get a strong understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act.  During his second placement, he was assigned to the Northumberland Community Legal Centre, where he was commended by the staff lawyers for “being sensitive to clients in vulnerable situations”.

          Peter worked for the Security Department at Cadillac Fairview for ten years where he had extensive customer service training. During this time, he served as a Union Steward and first discovered his love for advocacy. He was later promoted to a Supervisor position. Among his accomplishments, one of his proudest is having collaborated on the successful negotiation of two Collective Bargaining Agreements, one as a Steward and the other as a Manager.


          Peter also worked the local bar scene and has in depth knowledge of the liquor laws on Ontario.

Peter Rodgers

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