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I have represented both Landlords and Tenants before the tribunal with success on both sides. I am very familiar from practising in this area coupled with a strong knowledge base from my placement at the Landlord and Tenant Board in Toronto. If you are a Landlord with a problem with tenant or a Tenant with a Landlord not living up to his/her responsibilities, please contact me for assistance.


The current limit to sue someone in Small Claims is $25,000. Though, Small Claims is designed in many ways to help people represent themselves, there are strict processes and time limits where it helps to have a trained paralegal such as myself. If you have a problem where you suffered out-of-pocket expenses, you may have a Small Claims case.



I worked the bar scene for several years and am familiar with Ontario’s Liquor Licence Act. It can be confusing process, so if you are bar owner or worker and feel you have been served an unfair violation, consider Rodgers Paralegal Services for assistance.



If you are an out of town law firm that needs service of legal papers in this area, consider me for performing that task for you at a reasonable rate. I am experienced with serving. Save some time and money and get those papers served.

Rodgers Paralegal Services offers excellent service at a reasonable price. I offer a free initial 30 minute consultation. As the customer, you are the boss and my role is to ensure that you make informed decisions and help you through these difficult times. No person ever wants to find themselves in need of legal help. My job is to help you find a resolution and move on. I pride myself on being candid with customers, while emphasizing what can be done to help resolve your legal issues.

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